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Thread: Tricaster Mini service?

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    Tricaster Mini service?

    So whats the story on getting service on older Tricaster Mini's?
    I was thinking of buy a used mini, probably running on windows 7 as a
    back up to my 860.... but if Newtek will not give any tech support on it,
    I may forgo.
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    There is still service on these models. The TriCaster Mini is product that is for sale today.

    An older unit will go out of service at some point, but nothing like that has been announced.

    Be aware that you cannot upgrade the Windows 7 OS on these units.
    Kane Peterson
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    I would only suggest that if you buy a used mini that you get one that has windows 10 vs windows 7.

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    I have a TC MINI Bstock for sale . We can service these units for the foreseeable future since we are a NewTek Service Center..

    Contact me by email [email protected] or call 1 800 379 7267
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