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Thread: LW 2020.0.2 no backdrop color or backdrop image visible in layout (MAC)

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    fog is under Render Properties in the volumetric tab and it works just fine though you do need volumetric turned on, in fact legacy volumetric fog is still available in the Backdrop panel, needs legacy volumetric checked in Render Properties but it still works with an Environment light sampling a BG image, and furthermore you can have one image loaded for the Environment light and one for the BG, you can also load an inverted sphere and use it as a sky dome which is way more flexible as it allows you to scale your BG without ending up with multiple images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axis3d View Post
    The backdrop fog works the same way it always did in LW. If I have a backdrop image or a backdrop gradient, it will be used as the fog color over my scene. Just be sure to check "Use Backdrop" in the Render Properties > Volumetric tab.
    Hi thanks for the input. yes no problem with that. Its just that the fog doesnt anymore affect the backdrop gradient or backdrop image, Since this is now the visible enviromentlight that we are looking at. What that if I used a fixed fog colour , before it would also lay itself on top of whatever backdrop I had so that it could nicely blend the backdrop image to the scene.. So the fog found in the backdrop panel (realistic, linear etc) is only affecting actual geometry now. so there is alway a nasty transition to the backdrop. I hope there is a workaround. The inverted sphere trick mentioned will fix it, but it would be nice with an even simpler way as I do this all the time.


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