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Thread: IK issues

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    In 'Motion Options/ Controllers and Limits' do the bones for the "working correctly leg" have IK on any particular channels?

    The "not working correctly leg" may not have the same settings...

    I see Shabazzy has already suggested this.
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    Hard to tell without the scene file.
    Never use limits on all the bones of e.g. the leg. This will allways give problems. Only the knee needs one.
    If you use to many you limit the whole chain from being able to move in the poses you want.
    Typical is that the goal object doesn't stay in the ankle region.
    Also check if you don't have gimbal locks on the rotations. This will give the typical behavior you show in the images.
    Put some pole vectors in for the direction of the knees/elbows. Gives you an much more stable rig.
    Also when using mirror on the rig set autokey on. If you don't, the mirrored side will have different rotations and give problems ( in some versions of LW ).
    Hope this helps.

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