Has anyone modified their default NIC settings to optimize for NDI?

Also, have you ever had to update your NIC driver to solve an issue?

I'm getting audio clicks and drops when using NDI Virtual Input/Scan Converter from a couple of Zoom servers to a TC1 and also send the TC1's MIX to a 460 over NDI. Additionally, I have an SDI studio camera into my 460 that I send over to the TC1. I'm only doing one MP4 recording per TriCaster. I also get audio clicks and drops just on the TC1 when I have two NDI inputs (Scan Converter from Zoom servers) and have a mp4 and two input recordings. No audio issues if I stop the input recordings.

The only time I get audio clicks and drops on my 460 is when I'm sending it NDI from the TC1.
I'm currently only using one of the TC1 NIC ports to the switch (seems like I had an issue when I had both ports connected, though I've seen many posts where that's recommended).

My network switch is a Cisco SG300-28p and I use certified Ethernet cables (10', 25' and 35') between servers. I never see port or system errors in the Cisco switch and have all NIC and Switch ports set to 1GB. All other settings are default.

I'm considering upgrading the switch to a SG350-28p to rule it out as the issue.

Just wondering if others are getting audio clicks and drops.

Ideas or suggestions?