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Thread: No manual for TC1 CS? REALLY?

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    No manual for TC1 CS? REALLY?

    I just turned on my new TC1 with the long two strip control surface. Hey been using an 8000 for over 5 years no problem.
    This new CS has got me dizzy trying to understand how it works. Of course, I understand the basics but am completely lost in other parts.
    Admittedly it is my first hour on the board but Jez.....And there are no instructional or introductory videos? No manual? Please tell me it isn't true:
    Surely Newtek didn't just sell me a CS with no supporting information.

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    TriCaster User Guide, Chapter 22 (page 205) has information the 4S and 2S panels. Since these panels share the same buttons (the 4S has double the number of stripes) they are explained together.
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    Also, the manual ins installed with the software, and available from both the Launch Screen's Help menu, and from LivePanel.
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