"Why do I need TrueArt's Node Library 2020?"
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In this YouTube video you will learn why do you need it..

In LightWave v9.0 up to LightWave 2015.3 there was available "Spot Info" node, which user could add anywhere he or she wanted.
In LW 2018.0 it was removed. Also LW 2019.x and LW 2020.x don't have it.

If you add Compound node, or Nodal Motion modifier, or Global Materials, there is no Spot Info with the all data that you badly need!

Therefor you need either Node Library 2020 or Global Materials 2020, that have a built-in "Global Input" node which is one-to-one equivalent of the missing "Input" node (extended "Spot Info" node from older LW versions).

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