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Thread: TC-1 SRT in - Only 2 Ch Audios out of 4

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    TC-1 SRT in - Only 2 Ch Audios out of 4

    Hi Community

    We are playing around with SRT Input on a TC1 (and soon with TC460AE3).

    We found, that when delivered a 4 CH Audio HD SDI via Haivision Makito X Encoder via Haivision MediaGateway into TC1 (Caller, no further SRT settings)
    The Tricaster gets only 2 of the provided 4 Audio channels (when decoding the same stream via Makito X Decoder and insert tehe signal via SDI to TC1, it has all four Channels).

    So far so good, maybe its just the standard SRT implementation (is there any way to enter a more detailed interface, Settingsfile or plugin?)


    The TC1 does not play CH 1&2 (standrad stereo) but CH 3&4. (secondary language). - So it seems to mess around with the PIDs of the SRT stream/embedded MPEG-TS.

    if there is Only Ch 1&2 and no furter channel on the stream, TC plays CH1&2 as it should.. any idea anyone?

    We are part of SRT Alliance, and would really like to help implementing SRT wherever possible.

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    I was going to suggest opening a case to pursue this, but see you've already done so (thanks!)
    Regards, Steve
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