I just swapped out our broadcast computer at my church for the new one we ordered, and now there's some odd behavior going on.

The streaming computer has OBS running along with Virtual Input so we can import the lyrics from our other computer, which has Scan Converter running. This is the same setup that we had on our old computer, but no for whatever reason, any time there's an NDI connection change on our streaming computer, the lyric monitor on the OTHER computer is affected.

When this status changes, the monitor in question zooms to something like the top-left 1/3 of the original image. Sometimes it stays that way and sometimes it fixes itself after a few seconds. Other times it requires me clicking around some on that computer to which it belongs. I'm unsure how resolution may be tied to zoom in the process, but the computer seems to show that the resolution does not change. I'm not sure whether Windows updates the resolution listing immediately or if it only updates upon refreshing the settings window.

Sometimes instead of zooming in, the screen just flashes and stays at the same zoom level.

This behavior has popped up in various situations but is now being inconsistent thus hard to list. Initially, it happened when opening/closing OBS while VI is running, sometimes (but not always) when changing scene collections in OBS between collections which do not both have VI set as a source, and when at least closing VI while OBS was running (possibly starting as well, but I'm not sure now that it's inconsistent).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening and how I might stop it? The only thing I can think of is that Scan Converter is doing something funky with the display driver on the host computer, but I don't know enough about display drivers or NDI to say for sure. We're expecting our other computer to come in any day now, so I'll be swapping that computer out as well. I very much hope this inconsistent behavior doesn't become consistent behavior with the new pairing.