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Thread: Contect Panasonic ptz to tc1

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    Contect Panasonic ptz to tc1

    Before I go ahead I just wanted to check I had this right.

    Do I make the Panasonic AW-UE70 camera IP address the same as the TC-1's address?

    I have it working with the Auto tracking software, so I'm guessing after I do that I'll need to update the IP address to connect again with this software.

    I'm not network savvy so I'm just fumbling my way through this.

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    No, every device must have a unique IP address on the network. As an example, if your TriCaster is, you could make the camera if that's not already in use. All other network parameters would be the same though (net mask , gateway, DNS, etc). The key is first, second and third octets must be the same. The final digits are unique to the device on that network segment.

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