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Thread: Premiere Pro NDI vs Scan Converter

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    Premiere Pro NDI vs Scan Converter


    1) I have been using the Adobe Premiere Pro NDI output and it works well except of the audio portion in my situation. I may be doing something wrong, but it seems that I need to make a choice of sending the audio to the NDI stream or sending it to my studio monitors. Below are the two choices I have:

    Premiere Pro Audio Hardware Preferences
    Audio Output Mapping > Adobe Desktop Audio > Focusrite Audio Interface > Studio Monitors
    Audio Output Mapping > NDI Output > NDI Stream

    Could someone clarify if there is a way to output to both locations simultaneously? I am on the MAC platform and I would prefer not to have you use another virtual mixing app like Voicemeter or Soundflower etc.

    2) Related to #1, would it be better to just use NDI Scan Converter as that seems to solve the audio issue from #1. What am I losing by going this route? I'm guessing any alpha channel information, but that is not needed in my scenario.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think if you were to use VB Cable you can send audio to multiple locations simultaneously. That's on Win10, though.

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    The audio drop down is limited to one selection at a time in Premiere.

    As for Scan Converter that might work, not tired it. However, I don't think the OSX version is going to get you 30fps smooth playback of video.
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