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Thread: A test with caustic windows and GI

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    Ah, missunderstanding.
    I excluded it on object level.
    But, I think, if it is disabled in camera properties, the caustics effect is also disabled which equals to no caustics, if I am correct.

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    with caustics off I don't see a problem, even so I always exclude glass from radiosity, with caustics on I do se a problem, as in lots of white pixels, and excluding the glass from radiosity fixes it mostly but not completely. The scene i downloaded had caustics turned on and the screenshot I posted had caustics turned on and with unseen by radiosity checked. Glass type may be a problem I usually use a non dialectric glass, also glossy reflections, adding a fresnel to the surfaces, objects not glass, can help reduce it, but at the end of the day I still think there is a problem, some pixels just can't be got rid of

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