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Thread: Can My Tricaster Mini Inputs Pass Through 1080P NDI?

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    So, having discussed this in Engineering, I'm pretty confident that HDMI works as I described (negotiating with the source as required), while NDI supplies (and can record, at input) the full original format (including 4k) regardless, (bandwidth and other resources allowing, of course).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radio_TVPat1982 View Post
    Hmmm, it is a Canon XA20
    That camera says it supports up to 1080p59.94, so to make it work on the Mini HDMI, you have to make sure it to 1080p29.97 (it looks like in the manual, it might be a PF mode). If that is the case, then set the HDMI input on the Mini to 'HDMI Auto (Computer)' that it also works in a progressive mode.
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