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Thread: Replay Duration

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    Replay Duration

    With the latest AE3 software, I have to choose a specific replay length of either 5 or 8 seconds. I'd like to be able to select 6 or 7 depending on the sport. Thank you.

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    Record a macro of you selecting one of the default lengths, then you can edit it to any length you want and play that macro back.
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    Note, too, that you can double the current replay duration setting dynamically by holding down Shift when executing the replay - which gives you instant access to 6 (2x3).

    In a slight variation from Kane's approach, if (like me) you like the 'deferred' replay workflow - which doesn't play the replay right away - you can also change the length to whatever you like after adding the replay clip to the DDR. Since the last replay is selected in the DDR playlist, it's easy to use a macro to set the outpoint to any useful value - or a set of them. This would quickly let you choose the length on a per clip basis.
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    Still vote for returning the ability to set a custom length which was previously available in the UI This then applies to all the buttons on the UI if you ask for a replay on input 1 to go live immediately or defer to replay later no matter what input you select it would have the correct duration vs writing a macro for every camera and having to update them all when the duration changes or writing a macro that always takes the same angle and then you have to update it after the fact to the angle you really wanted. Having a single variable that updates everything like before makes more sense to me.

    The comment section I use a lot to add information via DataLink. Previously there was a single interface where you could set the comment field and then if you did a replay from any of the 4 recorders it got those settings. Things are certainly more flexible where each input now gets its own comment section but if I want to update the variables on the several inputs I end up copy/pasting and sadly I have missed inputs. I would love to see a master location like before with the ability to override it for a given input by setting the value at the input level. If nothing is set at the input level it would use the master setting.

    Eng did send over a way to update the comment field via macro but again its not quite the same compared to what it was.

    Also for what its worth to the original poster. There was a macro command that let you set the replay duration to a custom value while in the session. I dont recall it off the top of my head but I think it had replay and duration in the key. I know it was posted here in the forums around the time this workflow changed occured. The thing is that was only for the duration of the session. If you closed the session and reopened it you had to run the macro again but with that macro you could set the value from 8 to some other number. You only know it worked when you requested a replay and saw the desired value.
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