I have a rather strange set up.....

I use a NVIDIA QUADRO K2000 Graphics/GPU card. The reason for this is my CDN insists I provide him with multiple bitrate feeds. The K2000 had unlimited simultaneous NVENC h.264 stream which I use to encode 8 x streams at different resolutions and bit rates. It is driven by FFMPEG taking its video input from the Direct Show output of vMix. This works perfectly, and doesn't miss a packet.

However if I use NDI Studio Monitor on a remote PC the RTMP streams start to corrupt, and packets aren't making it to the CDN.

The system is well withing parameters. [email protected]%(avg) MEMORY 4Mb of 8Mb , GPU [email protected]% (peak), [email protected]% (avg), [email protected]%(peak) and about 1Gb of the 2Gb GPU RAM

Gbit Ethernet, Running at about 2mbps RX, and 20mbps TX without NDI and 55mbps with Remote NDI Studio Monitor.

Signal passes through 2 fully managed Layer 2 switches, multicast NOT enabled (Well I have never configured all the Multicast stuff on the switches - who does?). There is no bandwidth issues on any of the segments. All ports are operating correctly at 1000mbps full duplex. I have 10 workstations configured exactly the same, and the RTMP streams on each of them ONLY collapses when I try to view their respective vMix NDI output using NDI Studio Monitor on a remote PC. So the issue is VERY repeatable.

Oh, the NDI Remote Feed is perfect, no corruption or indication of signal loss. RTMP is typically on port 1935, so shouldn't cause any issues with NDI.

Any Ideas?