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Thread: Spark Plus I/O heating up?

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    Spark Plus I/O heating up?

    We were testing our new Spark Plus 4K units and they seem to get pretty warm when streaming.
    We measured about 90 degrees when idle but it jumps to 107 when streaming. It is fairly hot to the touch and I wonder if this is normal.
    Ambient temperature is 75 degrees.

    They are both running on POE, so I know that will sometimes cause units to heat up over using the power adaptor.
    This might be normal, as our BirdDog Studio NDI gets up to about 110 degrees when on POE and streaming.

    That kind of heat out of a little device (even as well built as the BirdDog and new Sparks) just puts a bit of doubt in my mind in regards to long-term reliability.

    Just tell me not to worry!

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    I can try to tell you not top worry but I would rather not lie. I worry. I just can't see how these units are going to last long term running at the heat levels they do. Especially for outside event folks like me and you.
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    The unit is rated to work between temperatures of 20C (68F) to 45C (113F)
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