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Thread: interactive imaging

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    interactive imaging

    Saw this recently and wondered if it could be done in Lightwave and if so, how?
    I would assume it would need the assistance of other software.

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    Hi !

    To export to Sketchfab, the best is export to FBX,
    Here, it's photogrammetry, best software,
    RC >fbx> LW >fbx> SKF

    Stéphane AGULLO
    SA3D | YT | FB | SKF

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    You do a certain amount of authoring and setup on the site itself, there is a LW plugin but it was last updated in 2014? best free windows reality capture software is Meshroom

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    there's also if you want to have your things on your own site.
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    LW Sketchfab plugins is little outdated, many things are not converted ..
    A new version would not be refused ! In the meantime, the FBX format does the job well !
    The only problem is that FBX still does not take into account LW instances, 4 same objects, 4 times the weight !

    Difficult to have a result as good as RealityCapture with Meshroom, but surely not impossible !
    By cons RealityCapture offers a nice economic model, the PPi, it's free until export !
    For a object count 10 dollars, for a monument about 100 dollars !

    If it's for paid work, it remains depreciable !
    And ideal for training, at no cost !

    +1 for ! good too !
    Stéphane AGULLO
    SA3D | YT | FB | SKF

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