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Thread: TalkShow 2-0-200521 update available

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    TalkShow 2-0-200521 update available

    New TalkShow update for VS100 and VS4000 available for download. Version 2-0-200521

    * Added support for NDI 4.5 (this also adds native NDI recording support, the recording codec in the QuickTime file is different than the previous release).

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed issue with Genlock affecting SDI output on restart
    * Fixed issue with Talk Back not sending audio while in the Scopes display mode
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.

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    Hello, i have done last week this upgrade and I have a major BUG, the NDI caller return stop working, after a rollback to the previous version, all work's fine
    The source is available in the dropdown menu in the VS4000 but the video signal stay black.
    The NDI source is the VMC-1 (running the last update)
    i have verify all NDI Access credentials
    Any ideas ?


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    After this update Dante no longer shows up as an audio option for audio return to caller.


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