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Thread: Speededit Registration

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    Speededit Registration

    So I installed speededit on the updated computer with the clean Windows 10 build and it has a new Product ID and won't take either of the registration codes (I own two copies) and it tells me both of my versions are already registered. I may have a backup of Windows 7 is there is some magic file I can recover to get this back up. I have 2 more months of quarantine coming up so I updated the computer, trying out the new Lightwave and though I would put Speededit on it for fun, but its not much fun yet. Any help appreciated.

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    I also wanted to do some quick edits, with Text overlays. I was going to learn Premiere Pro and paid for a year's subscription. A powerful program that has a learning wall. So I tried DaVince Resolve and HitFilmExpress, but none of them, (including Premiere Pro), would work with my older graphics chip in this laptop. There were a couple of other inexpensive programs that I tried but they were pathetic and made me long for S.E.

    So, I installed S.E. after I discovered that they had a download link for S.E. at On that same page, NewTek also supplies a slide-out "Chat with customer support"!

    I was able to quickly get someone to 'chat' with and they were able to give me a new unlock code to go with the Serial number and Product ID I supplied.

    I'm a happy camper now. Even on this 11-year-old laptop, adding text overlays to a video was better and faster than anything else I tried. No rendering at all on a single video clip with 3 layers of text; just make a change hit "shift + q" and real-time playback of the change. A small short-coming of S.E. is are the render options. However, there are good render options if you look hard enough and for all others, I have rendered using "Windows(avi)" NewTek SpeedHQ 4:2:2 Uncompressed PCM Audio 1920x1080x30p 16:9 Boxed and then use "Handbrake" to re-encode to my heart's content.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I did the same. NewTek is great with such support.

    I did the same. NewTek is great with such support.


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