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Thread: Any experience with 8000/AE3/Premium Access with external audio drivers?

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    Any experience with 8000/AE3/Premium Access with external audio drivers?

    I'm thinking of loading a Telos Livewire/AES67 driver to take advantage of digital ins and outs from our radio studio rather than the analog connections I've had in place for years.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Even if not Livewire, but with one of the other AoIP environments (EG, Wheatnet, Dante, etc)?

    I've been using the driver for over a year on a PC to pull off our audio network and send it out audio to a satellite uplink, via Luci. That works extremely well. However, I'm concerned about adding the driver on the 8000 given a recent problem I encountered, that I brought on myself, using remote access software TeamViewer.

    Thanks for any insights on this before I take a plunge. I suppose if I see any degradations I can always remove the driver and fall back to analog.


    Fritz Golman
    Museum of Broadcast Communications

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    Dante is supported, I've used that myself. In general audio drivers shouldn't cause a problem like remote access software can, some drivers might cause the warning message, but typically they shouldn't cause any problems. I've not personally used AES67 drivers, but I've heard of others that have.
    Kane Peterson
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