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Thread: NDI HX camera to Tricaster running AE2

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    NDI HX camera to Tricaster running AE2

    I downloaded the new NDI HX camera app and I was hoping to use it with my older TC Mini running AE2 Version 5-1 191224, which is the latest version. The Mini recognizes the stream, but I get a message that says "To access the NDI stream, please update the receiver software to a version prepared using the NDI 4 SDK (or better)." I downloaded the latest NDI HX drivers for this machine which is build 200520, which is the latest version. Is there something I can update to allow me to use this NDI source?

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    The NDI HX Camera app requires NDI 4.0 or higher to operate. TriCaster AE2 is running at a NDI 3.7 (or 3.8) level if I recall. The TriCaster needs to be running AE3 for this to have the updated NDI libraries.
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