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Thread: Tally issues. Mini4K, Birddog PTZ Keyboard, Birddog P200

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    Tally issues. Mini4K, Birddog PTZ Keyboard, Birddog P200


    Not sure if this is the right place in the forums to post. If not; please move.

    I have a Tricaster Mini4K, a Birddog PTZ Keyboard and three Birdog P200 PTZ cameras.

    Before the PTZ Keyboard was introduced in the system the tally on the P200 worked as it should.
    With the PTZ keyboard controlling the P200:s the Tally from the tricaster is overridden by the selected camera on the P200.
    I want the P200 Tally lights to be turned on when that camera is on the Tricaster program output and not when i have selected, to adjust, a camera with the PTZ keyboard.

    Is there anyway to fix this problem without having to buy a USB to GPIO adaptor and connect it to the PTZ Keyboard GPIO input which is the only solution I have come up with so far?

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    I'd recommend containg BirdDog and seeing if there is a firmware update or setting change. NDI tally support is automatic, which is how I'm sure it was working prevously. If the PTZ keyboard is somehow overriding the tally function, hopefully they have a method to allow it to be adjusted.
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