Hey everyone.
I know I have been distant late due to a variety of reasons (including a six week trip to the vet), but we have been very busy in the background working on major updates to the LightForge Render Network. https://render.lightforge.cc is the place to sign up for an account.
Here are some new videos covering off updates and some reminder workflow stuff.




We've also been working with Mike Wolf briefly to address an LWSN crash bug produced by a problem with a JPEG2000 library used in the Infinimap code. This has been corrected. Thanks Mike & Dargmar for their continued development and support of the community with their involvement and development efforts.
Dan Maas of Mass Digital, maker of StarPro has also been working with us to make sure StarPro 2.2 and 2.3 render flawlessly in 2018 - 2020.
And of course, shout must go out to Denis Pontonier for updating his plug-ins across the board for 2018 - 2020! We have updated all applicable plug-ins from these developers for use on the network with 2018 to 2020.

If you want a walk through demonstration and possibly some test credits to play with, please let me know. You an also join our Skype support group here https://join.skype.com/NGSaRmNDjPbg

Special thanks goes out to Ryan Roye and Ralph Alvarez for holding down the fort while I have been out of action with the network and in general for sticking with things.
Meow and thanks again!

Kat =^..^=___!