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Thread: Atmos Drone

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    Itīs probably about your skills and mentality than the software, I am convinced others with the same skills or mentality could whip out models just as fast...even with free tools.
    A question could be asked, would most users be just as effecient as You to complete models like that within 2 days...with lightwave only, when so many actually says they are way more effective in other software?

    The thing is..You do not feel the need to try something else out, it works for you and you have been using it so why would you even embark on learning something new.

    And..modeler has been pretty much the what lightwave version do you use now? is there still 2015 and the use of 32 bit plugins that is needed?
    No, I use Lightwave 2018, 2019 and now 2020.
    I have tried other software - remember the industry that I am in?
    Modelling in MAYA is not as intuitive in my opinion.

    I run a 3D department and to be honest - when I interview artist for hiring, I don't care what they use these days. It's all about what they produce and their portfolio. Keep in mind that I am referring to 3D modelling and texturing / rendering.
    I am interested in the end result and that the artist is comfortable with their work tools. If we don't have their software of choice - we buy it for their use.

    I have learnt to use other programs like Zbrush etc. You are correct though, you can use free software to generate work that has blown me away - the software is just the hammer and not the builder....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusM View Post
    I understand, you have done very hard work during your career. Many of us Now is different world, almost every problem you can solve by online search, online manulas, forums, youtube, tutorials, torrents etc. Start in 3d is so much easier. But still technolgy run fast and it is hard to be up to date in every aspect.

    I am 33 yo and started my journey with 3d with LW 5.6. I remember as a kid I printed mamy pages from manual and during holidays, taking sunbatch I tried to understand something in english So many hours spent in front of 800x600 crt screen, with red eyes, waiting for render. I am also self taught. Now I have full time job as a 3d artist, from many years and I not complain. I do my job with LW and my emplyer is happy.

    Ps. I was always curious how many 3d assets are used betweend Star Wars movies. Or your Thor hammer. It was used in few movies? What is policy in this?
    Hi MarcuM,

    Yes, assets are used over multiple movies if they survive. For example, Star Wars has a full armoury with sixty or so blasters etc. These are replaced as needed. A hero prop like a sabre is made in multiples to have replacements on standby. there are also stunt versions.
    The only time we produce one of something is if it is something big like the Falcon, a large set or the tank in Fast and Furious.

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    This drone looks very realistic.
    Cool stuff.

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    Fantastic work. Truly inspiring.

    Thanks for posting those renders!

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