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Thread: ideal size range for bullet dynamics?

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    ideal size range for bullet dynamics?

    Hey guys.
    Just wanted to make sure i'm not spending too much time getting the settings right on bullet dynamics. I understand the simulation accuracy is very dependent on size.
    So what size is the best? Trying to do some accurate self colliding noodle simulation test.

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    Ryan Roy said the best thing to do is use what he calls Real World Scale. For example, if your trying to animate clothing on a character, as much as possible, make the character in the scale the same as he/she would be in real life. A tall human male is about 2 meters tall from toe to head. Scale you characters accordingly and that should give you decent results.

    Good Luck,

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    Real world size unless its something really small. But in general Bullet always works better when items are larger.
    Tim Parsons

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    ~1-15 meters is where bullet's scale best operates. You will have to apply some cheatery for really small objects such as coins... this involves scaling up the objects, manipulating settings to get the desired effect, and using cache files so that you can position and scale your final simulation in any way desired. I recommend keeping your simulation scenes separate from production scenes if this workflow is required.
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