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Thread: Strange render artifacts when motion tracking

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    Strange render artifacts when motion tracking

    Hi all
    Iīm motion tracking a video in After Effects, eksporting the camera end the null into LW.
    In LW I let the movie be the backdrop.
    When I add a plane (box) from LW it renders with a lot of stripes (.mov), see picture.
    Does anyone have any suggestions what to do about it?

    Best regards
    Alan Safewood

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skjermbilde 2020-05-11 kl. 11.50.15.png 
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    Hmm, that's weird. Can you share the scene and object? Don't worry about the background video, I wouldn't need that to see the stripes.

    Does it do this in all opengl view modes? Just wondering if it's Opengl or VPR that shows this?
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    Similar stripes show when you have UV map or flat projection set to the wrong axis and apply to it texture..

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    Thanks. I've changed the axis, and it changed from stripes to holes or something...
    Looks like itīs a partly seethrough surface - there is supposed to be a pic of grass there.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skjermbilde 2020-05-11 kl. 12.49.27.png 
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Name:	Plassen_light02.jpg 
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    V2 utvikling 05b.lws

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    You are using the grass texture (which you did not sent) as a clip map in the surface panel for the top of the object - the surface is named: "Bilderuter inner".
    Is that intention?
    I used a standard UV texture as a replacement for your grass texture and got the attached result, which is to be expected when you use the map for clipping.
    What happens is: LW decides to cut away stuff when there is a value is below threshold that is the tipping point between black and white. Internally all images used for clipping get converted to black and white before they are used as clip map.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	UV_as_a_ClipMap_for_Bilderuter_inner.JPG 
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    AHA, I've been away from LW for many years. I now remember what a ClipMap is :-)
    I will try to use a UV map instead, just have to watch a tutorial... Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best regards

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    Glad I could help get you back on track a bit :-)
    After a real quick search I found this on YT:
    Its by WestNottsCollege and he uses LW2019. He starts at the very beginning I guess, decide for yourself if its suits you ;-]


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