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Thread: normals jumping into image textures

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    normals jumping into image textures

    Ive been having this issue a while, I currently have a pretty big model and every time I open it up theres a new issue with the surfaces, The majority of issues is that normal surface is jumping into color. though iv allso had the color image just vanish and then i have to manually add it back. I then have to physically change them around. It seems the bigger the model is the more its happening. I just opened the model and its a sea of purple... Ive spent a long time on this model and I cant afford to spend an hour every time i open on sorting this surface issue.. What is going on? Im using node editor and standard surfacing on LW 2019. Heres screen from modeler. Theres around 20+ different surfaces in this image but around half are showing the normals instead of the image texture
    Thanks for all help
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    Show us some of your surface panels and settings.

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    it seen that issue before, sounds like a bug.

    where are normals plugged into? the material or the surface node?
    are the normals using a normal map node?

    try splitting the model into layers or separate objects to reduce corruption across all.

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