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Thread: When Fireflies... aren't!

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    When Fireflies... aren't!

    Hey all,

    Here's a synopsis of my most recent sleuthing adventure you might get a kick out of. And I'm going to leave that pun in.

    I've been like the proverbial hound dog with a box turtle latched to it's tail chasing this problem down the past couple days.

    Started in on another set conversion so as usual I get to a certain point set up multiple camera views for detail looks, etc. When I finally came back to my wide shot after getting my initial practical lighting in, I've all these white kicks on the red leather sofas. Actually, not all of them which took me awhile to see & was also a clue. Do a blink comparison of the attached.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mafiabar-PseudoFireFlys.jpg 
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    I assumed it was my textures, so for a day or so I did some isolation tests & problem wasn't happening with current surfacing & simplified lighting. I then imported the bar scene lights & tracked the problem to be four simple spherical lights I have in some downlight fixtures. Or so I thought.

    I tried all the options I could with those lights & just could not get rid of those hot kicks off the leather of the sofas. Until I actually deleted those 4 lights.

    Hmmm. There are twenty spherical lights in the scene, a dozen right above the sofas. What makes those 4 special? They do have a direct line of site to the sofas & perhaps the rest don't? No, pretty direct shot from the chandelier lights...

    The only difference I can see is the fixture.

    Oh wow.

    The problem wasn't the lights. It was with the reflective inner surface of the down light fixtures that I just threw a quick chrome Conductor surface onto early & didn't really think much of it. And of course couldn't really see any problem with until you get to more extreme angles, which I course like & use frequently.

    It's always sumthin'!

    Changed the "reflector" to a matte black for the time being & that took care of the problem.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mafiabar-Fixed.jpg 
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    Still surfacing, etc, but I just had to get rid of that damn turtle first, ya know?
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    Wow! Good work.


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