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Thread: Mini HD running AE2 and full NDI?

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    Mini HD running AE2 and full NDI?

    I need to have a mobile camera unit which runs within my wi-fi network and I initially thought the NDI Cam App would be the solution.

    Sadly this only works with NDI 4+ and the Mini HD running AE2 only runs 3.7 I think.

    I have various HD cameras so would just like to plug in a portable wi-fi/ethernet converter if possible to keep it light and flexible.

    So what are my mobile solutions using my system?

    BirdDog have BirdDog Mini and Studio which runs FULL NDI. Will my Tricaster Mini HD with NDI 3.7 receive full NDI okay?

    I have a Spark which is NDI-HX and it works okay. I was wondering what my other options would be.

    I don't really want to lash out on a NDI capable camera at this stage. I need to keep it affordable.

    So what are the current options for wi-fi and ethernet compact and affordable NDI convertors which will work with my Mini HD AE2 people can recommend?

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    I am testing my Bird Dog PTZ P100 on my TC miniSDI- AE2. So far I have not had success using NDI-
    My first test could see the camera but not move the camera.
    Second test now the NDI camera is not being seen by the mini.

    Not sure I have it in me after 5 hours of testing.

    I will leave it for anther day and cross my fingers I can get the NDI to connect on my TC Mini AE2.

    Any tips or tricks to see and use NDI is appreciated.


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    AE2 will work with NDI-HXv1 or high bandwidth NDI sources. BirdDog gear are high bandwidth NDI and would be compatible.

    The new iOS apps are NDI-HXv2, these required NDI 4 or higher for compatibilty.

    If you are having issues with discovery, one of the first things to check if your network type in Windows. Make sure it is Private (not Public). If it is Private, then try adding the camera as a remote source in NDI Access Manager and see if that gets it to appear. If that gets it to show up, then someone on the network is blocking the discovery protocol.
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