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Thread: Carlos Vivas - 2D Face Rig

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    Carlos Vivas - 2D Face Rig

    worth a look... 

    edit; more info >
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    I'm working on an upgrade from 2D to 3D of my animated series "Carlin Cartoon" in LightWave. I made a set up for the face of my characters (I still want to keep the original 2D faces) using D-storm's YS Character Setup plugin. I'm also using the plugin as a character picker and for a few LightWave's shortcuts to speed up my workflow. It is working perfectly. I'm planning to ad the MG-Papagayo Lip sync to this workflow. I'm using RH RHiggit and IKB for simple BG character animations.
    Hoping to have the first 3D episode coming soon!

    Rig video 1

    Rig video 2
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    Many thanks erikals, though I think he popped up in the Legato thread too.

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    cool, thanks for info  

    looks like he will add this trick down the line >

    Mike Green - LEGO Style Face - Papagayo
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