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Thread: photoshop layers as lwo import (commercial with demo)

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    photoshop layers as lwo import (commercial with demo)


    Finaly I got to the point to almost completely rewrite the psil plugin for a wider audience
    It allows you to import a psd file as planes / projection spheres / dense projection spheres (for sculpting)

    This plugin is still in alpha stage, but I think some people might be interested in it.
    Please read the website / readme carefully since there are some caveats to it.

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    That is an interesting plugin. Thanks for letting us know.
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    cool, great idea. kind of tools that expand lightwave usage.

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    thanks, please let me know if you encounter any problem.

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    just fixed some string issues with the generated files upload fixed

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    wow interesting .. !

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    Made me wonder if some layers could displace others, so you could include a greyscale layer to give a limited 3D shape to the mountain, for example, or pull forward say the leaves on a plant to give a 2d image a little depth.

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    mhmm might be possible (use a dense mesh on import) add another layer in photoshop with the displacing information. Aftzer import delete the layer but use the map on the tree / mountain etc layer).
    (Or simply export the dense mesh to a sculpt program of your liking and paint on it.)

    btw added additional lw 11.6 / 2018 / 2019 plugins to the mix. (use the lw 2018 version in 2019)


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