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Thread: AE3 Input Recordings Audio Post Fader

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    AE3 Input Recordings Audio Post Fader

    I've always been frustrated that I have to adjust and test the audio recording levels for each new AE version and now have to remember to adjust them for each input type on AE3 (0dB for VS4000 inputs and +14dB for Scan Converter inputs).

    I use a compressor/limiter on my VS4000 of -20, 15 and a gain of 10 so that the audio fader inputs can be set pretty close to 0dB without any TC audio input compressor/limiter settings.
    I bring in NDI Scan Converter inputs with the compressor/limiter set in the fader to -20, 15 and 10dB gain. I then set the fader level to +6.5 ish for the average Zoom caller.

    Having the input recordings use the post fader settings would be ideal as I'll always know they would be set correctly. I also remember having the stream recording level on an audio fader in AE2 which would be helpful as well.

    You could add an Audio Recording Tab next to the original one that moved to the right side of the UI in the latest AE3.

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