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Thread: Time to retire Lightwave 3D from my toolkit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allabulle View Post
    I can't help to think that Legato Sliders most probably deserves a better thread title.

    Thanks, Vncnt!

    There's been enough good stuff in this thread to answer Paul's issues if he's subscribed and listening. But there's no need to give air to this break-up video any longer. There are probably many people that have ignored this thread because of the silly title and do not realize the good stuff within.

    A new Legato thread would be ideal.
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    Just upgraded. Mostly to support Lightwave. Still like it better then Blender and don't want to see it go away.

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    What on Earth could be better than Legato Sliders?
    Right! A bunch of Legato Sliders!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MultipleSliderDialogs.png 
Views:	114 
Size:	313.7 KB 
ID:	147676

    From now on you can lock a Legato Sliders dialog to the current set of selected items. Just keep adding plugins. Fill your 2nd screen with sliders if you like.
    Another nice feature are the "R" buttons. They're intended to set a key with a value from the Reference frame, as specified in Setup (default = frame 0).

    • Added "Lock" button to stop refreshing the dialog when selecting another item(s) in Layout. Ideal for multiple slider dialogs.
    • Locked status and its items are saved to the plugin section in the scene file, and restored after scene load. Interference is suppressed via comring.
    • Added "R" button to create a key or modify an existing key to the value of the reference frame (0).
    • Added global "R" button.
    • Added Reference Frame input field in Setup. Default is 0.
    • [FIX]Slider out of range with extreme values. Adjusted slider resolution from 1000 to 256. Seems to be fixed.
    • [FIX]When selecting a large set of items (1000 nulls), the plugin desperately attempted to display all channels of all items. I've limited this to the first 8 items, the other items are ignored.
    • [FIX]Fresh installation of script could set default Zoom to 1.5 after Setup

    Known issues
    • Selecting an item shifts focus to the first data field. Press Esc or use the slider before using keyboard commands.
    • When applying --ui-screen-scale-factors as program parameters buttons may be too small to read their labels.
    • When using Sync button during multi-select, for now use the 1st slider. Also "E" and "K" do not update correctly.
    • When using multi-select, auto-range update of angle channels may be incorrect.
    • Maximum location and size of the dialog are slightly smaller than display size, so full-screen on 2nd monitor is not entirly possible.
    • PrevKey and NextKey button at this moment only works on last selected item -> for all selected items.

    Download Legato Sliders v0.5 here:

    Comments are welcome.

    PS I start dreaming of sliders, so this might be the last update in this plugin!
    For now.
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    Ha ha! vncnt, you're a madman...and I mean that in a good way!

    Downloading now to try later today.

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    headache over here, but hope to have a closer look later.
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    Thanks very much Vincent.
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    a place

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    there are a few plugins and videos here that may be of use :

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    Nice find!
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    I think someone mentioned mc sliders but I will post it here just in case.

    I don't know if it is any good

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    mc Sliders seemed alright,

    but couldn't find a way to automatically scrub the timeline, so had to toggle between mcsliders and a graph editor. took too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrot View Post
    These Non-NDA work (LW 2015 - octane) may be enough for me to write some comments about LW ? If it does not enough, i can send you insanely complex petroleum refinery renders too...
    I didn't mean, if you spend a lot of time here, you need to justify your existence...
    AND it was in NO WAY directed towards you either!

    I really just meant, if someone is overly negative in every way towards LightWave, then why spend all your time moaning about it here? SURELY, post some work and show us what you can do, rather than moan.
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    alternative to mcsliders might be joytrol $45

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