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Thread: Content Delivery Network

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    Content Delivery Network

    Who do you believe provides the best content delivery network, especially for churches? We currently use the Newtek Tricaster Mini and a content delivery network that sends the signal to our website, but we would like to stream simultaneously to our website, Facebook and YouTube.

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    If you are looking to stream to more than 2 locations at one time you need to look at a CDN that supports a "restream" solution. There are a ton of companies that offer this. I personally use Blueframe but they all work basically the same. You go in to their software and setup the different locations, resolutions, etc then stream out to just the one CDN location from your Tricaster.

    Depending on where you stream to, you may decide to have different profiles set. For example until recently Facebook was only allowing 720 @ 29.97 streaming while you can stream a lot higher to Youtube.

    Typically they are going to also provide media players able to be embedded on your website and also any support Apps on major OTT services like Roku, Amazon and Apple TV.

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    We use Vimeo, it does exactly what you want, it automatically records your streams as well, give you 7TB of storage and costs $75 a month for unlimited streams and bandwidth.
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