I downloaded the HX Camera app and installed the NDI Integration plugin by Palakis in the hopes that I oculd use my iPhone as a second view for doing video guitar lessons, but I was quite disappointed to find that while I get the video signal, I can't use it because activating/unhiding the NDI input on-screen causes the audio to go bubbly and jittery. I posted about it in this plugin's discussion on the OBS forum (people are carrying on other dialogue but skipped over my question), and here's how I wrote it over there:


"Installed it today but can't use it because any time it's active, it disrupts the audio feed from my other sources—regardless of any audio setting I've found.

If I turn off the NDI feed from my phone, it leaves a static shot of the last frame on the screen and the audio works fine.

If I hide the NDI source, the audio works fine.

But if the feed is live and the source is visible, all other audio just becomes a bubbly, jittery mess. This is regardless of the BDI audio being enabled or what video format I'm using to stream/record."


Oh, and I should add that the meter looks fine, and the monitor output is fine as well. It's just the encoding stage where the issues crop up whenever NDI is active.

Very disappointing, given how close it is to functioning and hoe unusual the disfunction is.