I have a MacBook Pro that I use for music production in Ableton (specs i7 2.6 GHz; Ram 16gb). It’s not powerful enough to run OBS at the same time. I'm trying to use NDI to connect my Windows laptop (specs i5 2.5GHz, Ram 8gb) and run OBS to communicate with my Mac (Mac used for music production/ audio; windows used to take the load of streaming/encoding). I do have a video capture card (black magic ultra studio mini recorder), but unfortunately, I don't think I can use this as Black Magic told me it's only for sending camera information and converting it so the computer can understand it.

When I open up the NDI source in OBS on my MBP, my windows laptop shows up. But in Windows, my Mac laptop does not show up in the NDI source. Could there maybe be some sort of problem with the Windows laptop not recognizing the Mac?

Thanks so much for your help! I'm not very techy so all of this has been frustrating for me