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Thread: For those stuck at home. Are you working on any personal project?

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    For those stuck at home. Are you working on any personal project?

    Well a lot of us wanted time to be able to work on our own personal projects.

    Now , for some of us, now we got it.

    So if you are working on a personal project, why not give us a sneak peek.

    I am looking to see what you guys are working on.

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    In addition to taking a bunch of specializing courses, I'm working at a railway station 3D printing project. In particular, I'm trying to produce a 3D printed model railway of the Dresden Hauptbahnhof.

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    We are working on Military & Aircraft FX II for TriCaster. It’s created with LightWave 3D.
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    Yes, I'm working on a personal project... just not mine! My boss wants to get some property in Cyprus for our company to rent out, so that's my job now.

    But at least, it still leaves me some time to work on my shoot'em up game project; just not more than I had before the lockdown.

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    Working full-time from home these days but actually finding a little more time for personal projects too.

    Mostly I'm busy re-designing my website. Actually, I started this project several months ago but lately I'm able to focus and see progress. TBH, I really hate doing web stuff, but once I get this new site launched, it will mean I won't have to deal with web stuff again for a long time. Can't wait because I really want to get back to working on more creative projects.

    Some smaller projects I have going on are: a new comic strip, recording 'how to' videos (2D animation tutorials for now but maybe expand to 3D soon,) and storyboarding my next 2D short.

    Bigger project: Sigh! Yeah, I still need to finish B2. It's been slow-going (obviously) but I upgraded to 2 Azure Kinect sensors a few months ago and this got me excited about working on this project again. B2 will be my main focus right after the new website launches.


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