Hi everyone,

As the title suggests, I'm mulling over picking up the RH Facial Rigging videos. Now, I have all his other tutorials, so I know how good they are.

I hardly do any facial animation or rigging though, so it may be a bit 'specialist' for me, I'm really just looking at it from an OCD 'collect the set' perspective, though I'm sure there will be some great nuggets in there which I can apply to other things.

I also have his original rigging series, which included five facial rigging videos, so I'm wondering how much overlap there is with those..?
Also I think the Facial Rigging series is from 2016, so I'm guessing there will be one or two things which are not so much outdated, but now have newer, better ways of doing them.

If anyone else has these videos and feels like sharing their thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them. (And if Craig is back online, I hope you're feeling better)