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Thread: Upgrading old TCXD8000 to AE impossible?

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    Upgrading old TCXD8000 to AE impossible?

    Hi there,

    After a long time and saving some money I decided that it would be helpful to upgrade our old TCXD8000 with Standard Edition (bought as a used one 3.5 years ago) to the Advanced Edition. Like that I could benefit from certain features I'm missing with the SE. So I ran the downloaded NewTek Hardware Check ("Application Machine Check") to have a look to the compatibility for AE. I got the following message:

    "Your nVidia driver appear to old. Please update them to the latest versions available.
    If your system is unable to run this version, there are a number of options to upgrade your system to the latest technology, please contact NewTek or your local reseller."

    I checked the driver for my GeForce GTX 550 Ti manually and downloaded the latest version (March 3rd, 2018) but this was already installed and there are no newer drivers available.

    What does this mean? Is is generally impossible to run an Advanced Edition on that unit? Or could it be that AE1 or AE2 would run but not the actual AE3 (what does the hardware check verify exactly?)? Do I have to replace some parts of the machine? The system runs with a i7-2600 CPU @3.4GHz and 8GB RAM. Unfortunately there's no money to do a big upgrade to TC1. Thanks for consideration.


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    8000 definitely runs AE3 just fine. It's just a matter of updating the video drivers. There's a thread about this in the forum.

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    The video card itself is too old to run AE3 and must be upgraded. There are a few different cards out there that have been shown to work 100%. I updated our 8000 for the same reason. The job itself is not difficult, but it does require some electromechanical / pc building knowledge so you don't fry anything.

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    Unless you already bought the AE3 update it is currently no longer available.

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