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Thread: NDI and Avid Media Composer Across VLANS

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    NDI and Avid Media Composer Across VLANS

    Hi All,

    Here's my problem: I'm trying to give multiple end users the ability to use Studio Monitor to watch down the output of multiple Avid Media Composer's running NDI Open NDI plugin. To be clear, i want them to be able to select from a list of roughly 50 machines, to watch one of them, using the monitor. My network is not multicast nor mDNS enabled. My end users are on different VLANS than the Media Composers. For reference, I'm using MC 2018.12 and NDI Tools v4.0 on monitor endpoints.

    1) Avid Media Composer does not seem to have a place to configure the Open i/o NDI plugin in order to point it at a Discovery Server (anyone know of a way?) so i can't use a discovery server implementation.

    2) I've resorted to Access Manager on the NDI Monitor end point. Im able to manually add the sources in the access manager for the multiple machines and they all work (hooray).

    3) Access manager stores it's config in several places.
    ndi-config.v1.json in C:\ProgramData\NewTek\NDI
    a registry key called "IPs" in HKEY_USERS\-username-\Software\NDI\Networks where -username- is the Administrative or Power user that last launched the Access Manager app

    The last point there is something i need to flag, because its important for the next one. Access Manager can only be ran (on windows 10 anyway) by a user that has Power User or Administrative privileges on that machine. If the end user that needs the monitor is not an Admin or Power user, an Administrator needs to configure the access manager and then their use of Studio Monitor will then reference the config put in by the windows Administrative user that did the setup.

    What I've found is that neither of the above Configs actually take any precedent in the "Remote Sources" tab. I've tried to manually add Source IPs (comma,separated) to both the RegKey as well as the JSON file. When I next launch the Access Manager application and update the config, both the JSON file and the Registry Key are overwritten by the application upon closing.

    So that got my wheels spinning and I realized there must be another config somewhere. Sure enough, there is. That config is called ndiMemos.xml and lives here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\NewTek where %username% is again, the Admin or PowerUser that configured the Access Manager. I was able actually to manually modify that file, which is great. But I still have this problem with Access Manager needing to be ran as a Power/Admin user because unfortunately many of my users are not Power/Admin on their own machines.

    So, here's my ask 1) In the long term, is there any way Access Manager can be properly signed so any user can run it? 2) Is there an easy way to do this? I'm thinking a webserver inside of my environment that "Catches" all the media composer feeds over NDI and Aggregates them into a WebPage so an end user can simply hit that webserver over p443 and click a Source to view it in the browser (html5 video). Does anything like that exist out there?

    Thanks all
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    As if my challenges weren't enough, on a mac there a plist file that seems to exhibit the same behavior as the JSON file on a PC. it is overwritten by some other config when you commit changes inside the app. no idea where that one lives. Here's the plist file in question: ~/Library/Preferences/com.newtek.Application-Mac-NDI-AccessManager.plist

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    For Discovery Server to work, the application in question has to be using NDI 4.0. You have NDI Tools 4.0 installed, which lets you use NDI Access Manager to configure Discovery Server, but Avid Media Composer also has to be using NDI 4.x to have support.

    You are on Media Composer 2018.12, but NDI 4 wasn't released until late 2019, I guessing you would have to upgrade Avid (and that is if they have added NDI 4.0 at this point).
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