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Thread: HDMI Input Audio Clipping

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    HDMI Input Audio Clipping

    I have a TC1 Latest Build, and we can't seem to figure out how to get HDMI sources into the system without clipping or more specifically crackling.

    It seem to match up to whenever audio levels are too high.

    The audio meter can be lowered so it doesn't technically clip, but it sounds as though the inbound sound is just coming in too hot in the first place.

    I tested with both a Spark unit and Decimators and in all cases, I'm getting clipping.

    The devices we're trying to bring in are Playstations and iOS devices that don't allow you to adjust their audio output level. The playstation just assumes you will change your TV volume and the iOS device, via the lighting to HDMI connector I assume is the same issue. If we're brining in a laptop, it's fine because you can reduce the output of the audio card.

    How have others dealt with this? Is there just some disconnect between the consumer audio level coming out of these devices and the production level the TC1 expects?

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    Well I would have said that the levels from Playstations and iOS devices would be line level.

    If you plug these into mic level inputs then you will be running too hot! Make sure your hdmi inputs are not set to mic.

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    When we're doing esports, I take the audio from the game boxes into or mixer and then feed that into the Tricaster like all of our other audio sources.
    Easier to control.
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