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Thread: Far-end echo and the TS4000

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    Far-end echo and the TS4000

    Lately our far-end Skype interviewees have been reporting a 1-sec echo. Skype TX has a single checkbox to "turn off audio processing," which does nothing in this instance. Since the TS4000 is connected to our TC460AE3 via NDI, but the audio fed to it goes thru an analog audio board and back into the TC on Audio 1, is mix-minus for the TS necessarily set up in the TC audio software? There are very few controls in the TS Skype interface software.

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    The TriCaster will not automatically mix-minus the TalkShow VS4000 feed, this would be something you need to do manually in the audio mixer in the TriCaster audio mixer. If you don't have mix-minus setup, you remote caller will get a echo of their audio sent back to them.
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    I'm pretty sure the setup for TalkShow's mix minus is covered in the TC docs.
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