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Thread: Updated DP Text Gen

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpont View Post
    ...but seems that Multithreading in Pixel Filter NE is crashy with VPR,
    so it is limited here, as I can see VPR screen coordinates are strange.
    Are you seeing this with "camera-associated" VPR views? Or just with "non-camera" VPR views (f.e. perspective)?

    I could kind of envision how "non-camera" VPR views lack of "full camera definitions" might result in screen coordinate oddities. However, if that's what is occurring, then I would expect "camera-based" VPR views to be free of the issue(s).

    They're clearly "synthesizing" some camera params for those views (enough for the render engine to function), but perhaps not enough to cover all PFNE scenarios, etc. in those cases.

    Just a hypothesis.
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    Thanks denis, have yet to try it in lw 2019.1.5
    Perhaps linking directly to the plugin? here on the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwiede View Post
    Are you seeing this with "camera-associated" VPR views?...
    Yes, I'm speaking of VPR in Camera View,
    If you try to add an image in PFNE, you can see it is able to maintain correct margins
    matching the ratio of the image, not the image itself,
    but I think it is just not filling the coordinates properly,
    the calculation is bit complicated with the major side of the view,
    the ratio and addition of horizontal or vertical margins,
    but doable like a OGL projection image in Light view.

    From the beginning of VPR story, it often minimized
    initializations for speed reason I suppose, until
    a specific need is reported.

    There's also irregular internal time update.

    I fixed the DP Filter crash issue I mentioned above,
    tried to add a TimeCode counter in PFNE with VPR,
    moved it to compensate the coordinate issue,
    but it is not updated correctly,
    with an Offset envelope it is set to last frame see below.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tc_VPR.jpg 
Views:	27 
Size:	433.6 KB 
ID:	147184

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    Found an issue in DP Text Gen module, 2018 version only,
    I fixed broken Character Info node.

    Sorry, really annoying since I posted mainly around node trees
    using this Info node.


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