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Thread: Rotation Angle question

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    Rotation Angle question

    Ok got this issue that I could probably figure out if I was better at math but I am out of ideas. So I need to figure out where to possibly put a skelegon or something to help me get the landing gear to rotate up and retract into the plane. I manually moved/rotated a copy of it into position in modeler for reference but I cant for the life of me figure out a way to get an angle get this anywhere close. It doesn't have to be perfect but hoping someone might have some thoughts. I am not 100% sure but i think its only supposed to rotate on one axis.

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm very old fashioned, and there might be much more useful and easier ways, but...
    in the old days of LW you would (in Layout) put a null object at the position of the axis, parent that null to your plane, parent your gear to the null, turn the null to be on the desired axis, and rotate the null with "local axis" active (there might be a few more steps involved, but basically...)

    I hope that made sense, but any improvements or corrections are welcome.
    Greetings, Shloime
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    You can just line your bone up in layout as I've done here and record pivot rot it.

    But anywhich way, if its just a single point to point swing, you ca rotate cross axes (as Ive done in the 40-60 frame range), and the arc still comes out on a plane (no "weaving")... which is the plane of rotation you're looking for (point being, you dont have to find it specifically, you can jsut animate cross axes and still "hit" it).
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    I'm no expert, but I'd do it in Layout, using Setup=>Add=>Draw Child Bones to drag out an inactive Bone at the approximately correct orientation (can be adjusted later), using Move and Rotate to line it up. I think this may be how RebelHill did it for his posted scene / object.

    Once the bone is drawn in, positioned and oriented correctly (or at least approximately), press "r" to Rest the bone (i.e. make it affect the mesh) and use H,P and B to rotate the landing gear as desired. If the bone's rest position and orientation needs changing, use CTRL-R to unrest the bone (i.e. stop its influence) and Move and Rotate the bone to get position and rotation correct and then "r" to Rest the bone.

    Here's a quick demonstration video:


    P.S. this was just a really quick drone / landing gear model, not intended to be accurate!
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    I knew I came to the right place. This help is gold. Thanks so much!


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