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Thread: TC crashed 20 mins into a 60 min show. Monitors went black.....

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    Exclamation TC crashed 20 mins into a 60 min show. Monitors went black.....

    TC8000, AE3. Not what you want to see during a live show....
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    Anyone have this happen to them? It happened on the third clip of a three-clip playback sequence. The screens just popped to black, the on-set monitor being fed off the aux went black, the switcher panel still worked but that was it. Nothing else. Any time I tried to roll a DDR or bring in a dsk, it went to black so something in the playout portion of the TC failed. I was able to execute the rest of the show by switching cams off the router head, but I'd like to figure this out.

    Tried pulling one of the HDMI's off the back to get the video card to reset. No luck. Tried an emem to load another clip in the DDR. No luck. Popped the media drive out, hoping to force the TC to shell out of whatever replay function caused it to hang. No luck. It is NOT the video card because it was still pushing video to the monitors and my mouse was showing up and moving about just fine. CTL/Alt/Del brought up the correct screen - so the card itself is good.

    The TC was updated last week to the most recent build. I am wondering if I need to wipe the drive and start over from zero, or if its another NewTek-specific card.

    No errors in the log, either. Rebooted and it works 100%, but is well outside my circle of trust.

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    So, not exactly like your experience but this has happened again on 7-1-200210:

    As noted before, though, it was cleared in the UI so show continued. Just a bit shocking at the moment.

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