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    High School Studio

    I teach at a high school and we are looking at building a new space for my program, including a new television studio and livestream control room to connect with buildings across campus. Im looking for inspiration to give to architects and to present to the board. Let me know if you have, or know of, a good space that I could look at for inspiration. I'll take any help you can give. Thanks all.

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    I teach TV/Video at a high school in NJ. Check out TriCaster in the Classroom FaceBook group. It's a good resource to help you out.
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    Some things I wished we had in my studio is a false floor for cable runs, a higher ceiling for our light grid, and more space. I'm going to guess that you at least want room for a desk/stage area for daily announcements and room for full body green screen. For good green screen for use live and post you need a lot of space... maybe 20' of wall and a good 10'+ in-front of said wall for people to move & interact.

    It might also be worth wild to look into dedicated runs from the control room to places in the studio. Say like a patch in the control room that has connects through out the studio so you can have short cable runs and less trip hazards.
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