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Thread: Standard Fans in a 460?

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    Standard Fans in a 460?

    Are the fans in a 460 standard computer fans?
    Our 460 gets loud just recording a default 2 layer A/B set.
    Customer Service said that the fans shouldn't get louder that 50db, while our fans are over 50db
    just turned on. They offered a suggestion that just made fans super loud all of the time or was offered
    to send it in and pay for shipping and $650 for repair.

    I haven't opened it up yet, but if they are standard fans, I'll jet get quiet fans and replace them myself.

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    My TC 460 was very loud also when I bought it. It sounded like an airplane! Someone in the past had posted about this and I ordered 2 new fans and changed them out. It's much quieter now and I have had no problems. You may do a search and find that post. It wasn't too difficult to change them out, but you do have to be careful doing it.

    Found the post. Here is what I ordered:

    My unit was actually a TC455 to start with and was upgraded by software to a TC460.

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