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It hasn't "always" been this way. In its heyday, Newtek promoted LW and communicated with customers both quite a bit more.

As they've marketed LW less and less (and communicated less and less), the customer base has eroded more and more. No surprises there.
Sad but true JW.

They've a loyal following (us) but that isn't any inducement for new customers that I can see. Lightwave doesn't have much in the way of flashy chrome or Tailfins.

It isn't particularly production efficient either but it depends on what you're needing to do. For me though, it's quite flexible. I can whang out a visual idea quite rapidly w/o getting over burdened by any number of issues. Someone mentioned Advanced Pro Amateur and these days that's probably apt. But, in this day & age that might actually be a plus.

I stick w/ Lightwave 'cuz I've a lot of time invested learning it. Just because there are 90%+ similar functions & features between two apps, your still essentially learning a new language aren't you? Sadly, I've always been horrible at learning new languages.

I'm not overly hopeful, but let's hope the new Powers that Are pleasantly surprise us.