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Thread: Mini SDI- HDMI display out, no signal

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    Mini SDI- HDMI display out, no signal

    Trying to get HDMI video out for studio program monitor. Checked the display out box and it’s set for Mix1, but nothing on monitor. Have checked cable and monitor, both work.

    What am I missing??


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    The DISPLAY outputs are for the DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort connections found by the USB/Ethernet ports. I found them very finicky to get operating. It could be DISPLAY A or B depending one which one (or two) of the three ports are used. So you might try one or the other. Also, I think you have to have a monitor connected before starting the Live Deskktop for these to operate.

    Personally, I don't use these methods of output and I use some other method to get a signal out (main 1 or 2 outputs, NDI output, etc).
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