Hi all,
I read an older thread regarding the -20DB volume reduction when T/C embeds audio with the SDI output signal. My client uses an in house intranet distribution system to their internal audience and relies on 'LiveU Solo' to receive the SDI feed I provide, e and feed the streaming system. What I'm hearing from their event team is the audio level within the SDI feed is low. The simple solution is for me to increase the audio feed (using output 2 and controlling via one of the aux audio faders within the T/C but I come dangerously close to yellow or redline to insure the volume is barely acceptable. I've always considered the T/C's encoders to be great so this is perplexing. Would I be better off to use an external device to embed the audio?

System T/C 460 Adv3 latest update
The encoders (LiveU Solo) are approved for their network and used by other internal groups so don't have an option to use any other encoder.