Has anyone else run into this? running a TriCaster 460 with the latest build of AE2.

Since our Church is not ready to stream the music part of praise and worship, I have been streaming it as a private video to my personal page and later sharing it to the Church band private group. (since there does not appear to be a way to stream directly to a 'group' page)

This has worked fine for quite some time (at least since the last major FaceBook fubar), but two weeks ago it suddenly stopped functioning. When I select the stream settings to update the description and date, the windows shows that the account is properly authorized but when I close the window and reopen it the description and date are blanked out (which is generally my first clue that FaceBook has it's cranky on) even though it is still reporting that the account is authorized, and then if I try to start the stream anyway I get the "nothing to stream" message.

Anyone have any thoughts/advise on this?

Obviously, I can just record the session and then offload it and upload it to the group at a later time. Just more undesirable steps and things that have to be remembered outside of our usual production flow.